Diabetes and Your Diet

Originally posted on New Creations Ministries:
While working with doctors in the ’90s, I specialized in diabetic care. “Joe,” a 55-year-old overweight patient was a Type 1 Diabetic. He had been injecting insulin shots for over 40 years. Joes’ obesity didn’t allow insulin…

New Work – For Sale – The time is near

  For sale – Title- The time is near by Liss Silverwing it is made in acrylics on canvas unmounted – dimensions 21cm x29.7 cm (approx 8.5 by 12 inch)   Attention: this… Continue reading

what to do when your butter cookies turned out too tough to eat – give them a make over :)

so i finally made butter cookies – first time in about 15 years – so naturally my butter cookies came out as tough as pyramids – i mean yeah i can break windows… Continue reading

Gorgeous sunset – New painting

Unique handmade original painting (Click photo to visit and purchase this art- clicking will take you to the zibbet listing of this painting) by Liss Silverwing it is made in acrylics on canvas… Continue reading

New Jewelry !

Now – take into account that the 4th pendant is a pendant made on demand- image is for presentation purposes as that item was a custom request- i am however willing to do… Continue reading

About offending and being offended – part 2

2 does God / Christ get offended ? no matter what comes against you , you have to go forward … yes even when ppl will get offended … we are often so… Continue reading

About offending and being offended – part 1

I am quite amazed at how far people have taken this matter. Offending and being offended seems to be the number one issue in people’s mind lately ..and I have not seen in… Continue reading

Will i make it to heaven ? – Clearing certain mistakes and misunderstanding people have – the 144 000

A friend of mine asked me this question and it made me realise just how misguided the teachings on this matter are… it’s trully important to realise certain things … first of all… Continue reading

e-cigarette holder

i love weaving , so i wanted to make a holder for my e-cig, now i finally had a bit of time and this is what came out 🙂 pretty cute isn’t it… Continue reading