About offending and being offended – part 1

I am quite amazed at how far people have taken this matter. Offending and being offended seems to be the number one issue in people’s mind lately ..and I have not seen in all my years of life , people being so easily offended out of everything . and this leads me to speak about different things as it follows :

1 people who are new in Christ – afraid to offend others

2 does God / Christ get offended ?

3 you as offended by others – how should you react


1 New in Christ – afraid to offend others

Motto: “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.” Mark 8 :38

At some point in your life , after you began working on strengthening this relationship with Christ, there often comes a time when you get sooo happy about the Word, you find “gems” or verses that just speak to you and your heart goes joyous and happy about them J or other times you find in the Scriptures , words of warning and you just don’t feel okay unless you post that out there – kind of like saying “ hey everyone beware of this !!! “ and you share this word with friends, family , everyone .. and …. Surprise … not only they are not getting it , but they also begin going off on you … telling you how “your” scripture’s offends them .. .or ..as I am noticing lately it’s not even necessary anymore for people to get upset , as people fear their reactions already… it is natural to not desire to offend anyone but this makes me want to ask you what is the purpose for which you are wishing to share those scriptures – often times you want to post them because they speak to you … and not in a million years you ever think of posting them because so and so will get upset . so – this being said – your intention is clearly not to offend but to teach /edify or simply rejoice together in the word .

Being new in Christ is not an easy thing – challenges are everywhere and that devilish voice keeps telling you and showing you what u’re going to lose if you will share God’s word with people …
Im gonna be straight with you on this one – you will lose some friends . you will offend people – and you will be called names – ugly ones … if you live in western countries you probably will not be put to jail and beaten for this as it happens to christians in china or the arabic countries. So if you think about it , some mean words from people is nothing compared to torture …