maya angelou , thank you for all the inspiration .

im not gonna write much ,  but what i will say is that the news of Maya Angelou , got me very very sad . Her writings were and probably will keep on being a major source of inspiration for me and for many many other people .

Her life is absolutely fascinating and makes you wonder how she kept that inner peace you find when reading her work , when she has been through so much . … i can only say it must have been God putting words in her writing , to touch the hearts of so many people . she is an inspiration for anyone willing to make a difference in this life.

Here’s one of my favourite quotes even if, as i think about it there are so many that are my favourites . but this one is inspiring both for me personally but also for me as an artist :



If you want to know more here’s one link to get you started in studying Maya Angelou’s life and work

She will live forever through all that she wrote….thank you Maya Angelou !