Elderberry Cider and Michael Jackson paintings :)

It’s been a while since i posted here and that is because i was pretty wrapped up in preparing my home for the summer and also i painted a lot
Meanwhile all the rainy days have gone and now it’s so sunny and warm. I found some elderberry trees in bloom and for me that means it’s time to pick some of those flowers and make cider 🙂
and since it’s very blog-ish to share recipes and stuff , i will share it with you 🙂 and im really curious if you guys and ladies would try it and how it came out 🙂
so here we go :
for 5 liters (approx 5.2 quarts acc to google )
you need sugar : anything between 1 to 2 pounds – the more sugar the more alcohol in the cider so i leave that to your appreciation and taste . i prefer less alcohol and i add only 1 pound of sugar (half a kilogram for those of you using metric system)

a handful of elderbery flowers

1 small pack of yeast (25 grams), 1 lemon


and optionally coconut scrapings, raisins or  other dried up fruits – according to your taste.  – you can also make the cider without adding them.

put everything in a 5 liter jar (or bigger  but you will need to ad more quatities of the ingredients )


fill with water and cover it with a filter or some sort of covering that will not allow dirt to get in or insects. don’t put a lid on it or anything like that because it may spill over.


now let it sit for 2-3 days or even a week if it’s colder  but mix it throughly and when you consider the taste is good enough pull into bottles and to fridge with it 🙂   will come back with a glass when mine is done 😀

meanwhile here are some of my latest art

Michael Jackson paintings 🙂  i know not everyone likes him but i grew up with his music and his words 🙂  this being said , enjoy and let me know how the cider turned out 🙂  also don’t forget to ask me questions